Friends, we all want to look fit and healthy. But, I am sure that many of you have failed to keep your body, in that perfect shape for which you all desire. Overweight or obesity at present, is one of the most common problems found in many teenagers and adults. People suffering with overweight problem face a lot of embarrassment and have hesitation to face the general public. Well, there are numerous reasons because of which you become fat and your body looks unhealthy and badly shaped. And due to this, you are not able to wear the latest tends in fashion and you get forced to buy and wear oversized clothes. Many people try various weight reduction programs, dietary supplements and other options, but finally the result is not as expected. So, if you want to look fit and healthy again, then it is very essential for you to choose the correct and effective method of weight loss. But now there is a solution to this problem and that is “Body by Vi”. The Body By Vi diet can help you get rid of unfit and oversize body within just 90 days.

About the Company -
The company was launched in the year 2005 by Nick Sarnicola, Blake Mallen and Ryan Blair. The Visalus Sciences company has launched several body transformation packages under the name “Body By Vi”. If you desire for a better health, better lifestyle and better body, then just try their 90 days Body by Vi packages to get the desired results. Thousands of people around the world are using, “Body by Vi 90 days Challenge” transformation packages to reduce their weight and to look fit and healthy.

vi challengeAbout the products-
Body By Vi Transformation kits contain Visalus shakes. These shakes are specially formulated health drinks that are designed to boost your metabolism rate and thereby helping you to reduce weight. The shakes can mixed with different flavors so as to make them taste like oranges, strawberries, banana, chocolate, peach and each health flavor also has a different ingredient boost. The challenge packages are classified into 4 categories: -
1) Body by Vi Balance kit,
2) Body by Vi Shape kit,
3) Body by Vi Core kit, and
4) Body by Vi diet shakes Transformation kit.

Depending upon your body and your goal, you should choose the appropriate challenge kit.

1) Balance kit- This kit will help you to maintain good health and good lifestyle. The kit contains 30 highly nutritious servings and Vi-Shape nutritional mix (core product of Visalus Sciences). Each serving has to taken by replacing any one meal per day. These servings maintain good nutritional balance within your body and make you fit and healthy. In addition to this, the kit also contains assortment of health flavors to add different flavors to your weight reducing shake, without compromising on your health.

2) Shape kit- It is a one month supply kit, serving 2 full meals of a day with proper nutrition. This kit contains sixty servings of shakes mixed with different flavor add-ons. Each flavor is packed in a different box. These flavors are added to make your shake taste better. These shakes provide your body with all the required essential vitamins and minerals. This kit helps you to keep your body in proper shape.

3) Core kit- It is a one month supply kit with 30 servings, i.e., one serving for one meal per day. It contains 2 boxes of  Neuro, Vi pak and thirty pouches of shakes in different flavors. The shakes are a complex blend or mix of calcium, fibre, digestive enzymes and prebiotics. This kit is formulated with energy providing and anti-aging formula along with balanced concentration of vitamins and minerals. Just one shake per day will maintain your body’s nutrition requirement for the entire day and will also enhance the digestion capability of your stomach. Vi pack gives good nutrition supply from head to toe. It keeps you sharp and improves your brain function.

4) Transformation kit- The kit is packed with the ultimate weight reducing and body shaping ingredients, for giving you the maximum results. It is a one month supply kit which includes 30 servings of meal ( one serving for one meal per day) and 30 servings of weight loss kit (one serving for one day). This challenge kit also contains nutritious milk shakes in different health flavors: Vi- Trim control drink mix-1 box, Neuro smart energy mix-2 boxes, Vi-Pak omega capsules- 1 bottle, and Vi-Slim vitamin tablets- 1 box.
Each serving provides- 1 gram of fat, 205 gram of sodium, 13 grams of sugar, 31 grams of carbohydrates, 9 grams of fiber and 225 calories.
Looking at all the reviews and testimonials available, one can be sure that the product definitely works.

So, set your goal and select the kit that suits you best and you will see the change within just few weeks.